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Affordable online business support for health and wellness businesses


“I now have a lovely new website which is reflective of me and my style and much more endearing to my target customers. And I’m getting lots of enquiries from the people I want to work with at the venues I want to work at. I feel really proud to send them my website now.

Holly is BRILLIANT! She really knows her stuff technically but will explain things to the non techy in simple terms!”

hannah brooke

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Are you ready to start or grow your wellness business online?

Starting and growing a business involves a lot of moving parts, and wearing a lot of hats. Not to mention the plethora of new skills you need to learn, fast!

I’m here to take away the overwhelm of designing and building your website. Getting your business online and in front of your perfect clients quickly and professionally.

I believe in good quality, well built websites that will grow with you but don’t cost the earth.

I will support you to start and grow your business sustainably through thoughtful and strategic web design, whether thats a single page website to get you started or an all singing all dancing project to get the growth you’re after.


This is me, Holly.

I’ve been working with female founders for over seven years, helping them to start and grow their online businesses through bespoke website design & development and digital support.

I’m not about quick fixes to 10k months. I am here for sustainability, growth (and fallow) and ethical business practises. I am all about strong foundations and helping you discover the tools to start and grow an online business that enhances your life, without the dodgy tactics or hustle.

It’s hard to know where to spend your money when you’re starting out and want to be sensible with your budget. That’s where I come in.

dream clients

Heart led passionate businesses that want to provide value in a sustainable and feel good way.

Want a quick fix to six figures? I’m not your gal.

Want a sustainable way to start and grow your biz so that it works for you? I’d love to chat.

Great things grow from great roots.

Let’s get to work…


Saffy Digital Coaching for female founders

[NEW! monthly support

 When you’re in the early stages of business it can be tough navigating all the ‘advice’ out there and very easy to fall into the trap of doing something because that’s what everyone else is doing. Trust me, I’ve been there! This service packages up a monthly coaching session with practical monthly support.

Bespoke website design for female entrepreneurs

website in a week

The perfect service for those just starting out. You get me for an entire week in which I will design and build you a single-page custom website that will wow your clients. You will feel absolutely delighted to send people to your website rather than cringing and explaining ‘it’s just temporary’.

Bespoke website design for female founders


Your website is the hub of your business, it’s what connects everything together. I will design and develop you a custom built website that will grow with your business. This service is ideal if you’d like more than a single page website, have a lot of information to convey to your audience or need your website to do that little bit more.

Free website content planner by Saffy Digital

download your free website

content planner!

Not sure where to start with the content for your website? Download the content planner I use with all my clients and get super clear on what you want your website to do for you.

what it’s like to work with me

I’m practical, calm and considered. I like to be organised and apply this approach to your business; a robust foundation that will stand you in good stead.

I’m also really passionate, creative, empathetic and perceptive which means I quickly understand what you want to achieve and what help you need to get there!

Oh, and I’m also a natural cup filler, so be prepared for lots of cheerfulness.